SmellGoods ’98 Lives Up to Its Name!

Itiel McVay, Owner SmellGoods \'98SisterSpeak Online was fortunate enough to cross paths with savvy sisterpreneur Itiel McVay, a beauty mixologist who whips up sweet soothing potions via her company SmellGoods ’98!  Itiel started SmellGoods ’98 in 1998 (hence the name) with the help of her husband and soul mate who drives the tech/media side of the business. 

But the real story is in the products that truly live up to their name! When her package arrived in our PO Box we could smell them before we tore the box open!  And to our heart’s content, the products make you feel as wonderful as they smell. Did I mention the beautiful packaging and cowrie-shell adorned containers???

The scrubs, cleansers, smoothers, and moisturizers, among a smorgasbord of other goodies, are super yummy and all handmade with great care and only natural ingredients.

Definately worth a try! A true SisterSpeak Online favorite!   


3 Responses to “SmellGoods ’98 Lives Up to Its Name!”

  1. Greetings with Admiration,
    I have truly enjoyed reading every one of the posts.
    The feature about Itiel was wonderful.
    I’ve been blessed to cultivate a relationship with her via the BBWO Buy Black Collective.
    She is one of the most precious souls that I encountered in a long time.
    Your description of how wonderful her product looks and her package looks was sensational.
    Everything about Itiel is “all good” …after all she is “The Smells Good Lady.”

  2. Itiels products live up to their name, Smell Goods 98!!! I ordered samples of several of her products and have found a new business that I will frequent. I love anything that has to do with the body and bath and boy did I get a surprise when my package arrived!!! I got two bags of detoxifying soaks, 2 soaps, 12 tribes and Chai, black citrus body butter (awesome) body balm (awesome), Mojito sugar smoother (the smell speaks for itself, perfumed oils (can’t wait to try them) and Hand dipped Cone Incense in Sheba. Several of the items had to be gifts, thanks Itiel because I didn’t order but you know I’m going to use them!!!! LOL Make sure that you support her business so you can Smell Good in 2008!!!

  3. I purchased the samples of all her oils, wow great stuff, nice scents and they last forever!!! I actually had a question and called and I got Itiel herself and she was so nice, first thing in the morning! I am in love with the scent Summer Glow!!!! genius!!! Buy from this wonderful website you will not be dissapointed!!!

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