The Secret to Beauty…Oneness

Dafina K with pythonI asked my stunningly beautiful & daringly adventurous cousin Dafina– who’s sporting a live python in the photo–and whose spirit and aura command attention when she enters a room, what her secret to beauty is.

In her ever so calm & goddess-like manner, she replied…

If I were to have a secret, it’s to keep clearing myself of all grudges and being truthful with me. I am continually unfolding and becoming what my soul came here for me to fulfill…oneness with all life.

I was really asking how it is she remains so radiant and vivacious at all times, how she keeps her hair and skin glowing and healthy, and her frame so fit. But the answer she offered is far more relevant.

Beauty truly begins within and is determined, I think, by the condition of our inner selves and the strength of our connection with the wholeness of life around us.

It’s so like Dafina, a holistic health practitioner & acupuncturist, to take me to the essence of the matter!

Thanks cuz!


3 Responses to “The Secret to Beauty…Oneness”

  1. Yes, this is all that matters. When one sees a person although the outside is more evident, they should be looking at the person’s spirit. Once you make a decision to live a righteous journey, it is the peace that makes you glow.

    She is stunning.


  2. What a wonderful response, she’s clearly a very balanced individual. Isn’t it great having someone like that in your life!

  3. Your cuz sounds like a highly evolved person. Where does she offer her holistic services because I would like to avail myself of them. How blessed you are to have such a soul in your family!
    Blessings to you both!

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