A Few Beautiful Things…

We found this eye candy online at Pretty Afrika & Nubian Creations, a mother-daughter business duo based in Chicago, Illinois. Attorney turned jewelry designer Sandra Aya (Pretty Afrika) & her seamstress/designer mother Madam Theresa (Nubian Creations) craft these original handmade beauties fusing traditional African style with modern design elements.

The designs are pretty indeed! Check them out!

pretty afrika earrings large turquoise stone

pretty afrika earrings

Pretty Afrika earrings with red stone

Nubian Creations purse gold

Nubian Creations purse in red and gold


5 Responses to “A Few Beautiful Things…”

  1. I visited the website. WOW! Pretty indeed! I can definitely see myself rocking those pieces.

  2. Thank you so much for the love!!

  3. hi i live in holland and what makes me mad about living here is i have dark skin and i want to buy make up i have to travel for almost 2 ours to get it and that it makes me mad so now iam looking for international make up supplier so that i dont have to travel so far for good make up. and at the same time i can help other people to

    • Barbara! My blog has been unattended for a while, but getting back on track in 2010! Thank you for your comment! I feel your pain! Had to drive an hour once in southern California to find a product I needed and to locate a Black hair care salon. But there are many solutions and many companies that sell products online that you can access. Don’t give up! Keep looking. Maybe I’ll do a story on this to shed some light! ThankS!

  4. BY the way you really have beautiful website

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