The Perfect Eye!


Originally uploaded by BlackHoney

Wow, I don’t think my eye make-up has ever looked as perfect at that in the photo. I’ve gotten one professional make-up application (can you believe it–just one) at a MAC counter in NYC, and though I loved the look and the fake lashes (yes…just for one special night!), my eyes looked nothing like this. I think it’s the brow that stands out the most and adds the intensity and beauty to the look.

All make-up artists out there—we’d love to get a few tips from you on how to create this fab look at home!

One Response to “The Perfect Eye!”

  1. So are you saying that you did this yourself or did you have the photo taken directly after having the Mac lesson? Either way, your make-up here is fabulous!!

    I had a lesson at Mac and I was very pleased with it – I did my own make up for my wedding after that lesson and I’d recommend Mac counter lessons to anyone.

    I have to say that even though I’ve also been taught how to apply false eyelashes, I’ve never been able to do them properly myself.

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