Another Beauty Tip From Kelly Laws: Summer Beauty!

Kelly Laws, CEO, MakeUp On The GoIn the summer months most women shy away from foundation due to the heat.  An alternative to foundation is tinted moisturizer.  Due to its light formula, this easy to use skin enhancer is a must for humid weather. 

Another must is mascara and lip gloss/balm. Using these products will allow your natural beauty to shine through without looking too ‘made up’. 

Also, make sure that you keep your eyebrows arched because this makes your face look clean and polished.  If your issue is acne/blemished skin, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and bacteria that cause acne. 

Remember, foundation was never meant to be a coverup but a skin enhancer. 

Thanks Kelly for reminding us that natural is best when it comes to beauty! And we were just talking about beautiful eyebrows the other day. We agree, it makes the look along with healthy skin!  

One Response to “Another Beauty Tip From Kelly Laws: Summer Beauty!”

  1. Brilliant advice! You’ve just reminded me that I’ve not been drinking nearly enough water too.

    Many thanks!

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