Celebrity Make-Up Artist Akua Auset Inspires Beauty

Akua Auset Inspires Beauty

Akua Auset Inspires Beauty

Beauty, brains, and business collide in the form of Akua Auset, “fairy godmother to the stars” and successful sisterpreneur. Beauty is her passion and she’s found a way to advance her mission to heal the hearts and minds of women and girls through her fascinating work.

SisterSpeak Online recently had an opportunity to speak with Akua, also a published author working on her second title due out this fall.

Click here to read our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW now!

Also, experience Akua’s magic and sensational talent below…a true inspiration!


3 Responses to “Celebrity Make-Up Artist Akua Auset Inspires Beauty”

  1. Lisa,
    Sorry to you for the death of the beloved Mrs. Caire. This sister Akua has none of her you tube videos working.

  2. GreetingsFabu:

    thank you so much for your condolences. Grandma Caire will be remembered with great love, respect, and honor. It was a blessing to know her. I pray all is well with you and yours–read your recent column in HUES re: education. You hit the issue on the head. Anyways, please try again to view Akua’s videos. They are operating fine on this end. Let me know…

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