My Personality Expressed in a Dress…

Lisa Peyton-Caire

Lisa Peyton-Caire


I suffer from multiple personality disorder–in clothing, that is (LOL)! In any given week, I may borrow from a hodgepodge of fashion genres based on the demands of my schedule and the nature of the meetings on my calendar. But if I had to pick a dress or two that embodied my true personality (or a big part of it, at least); that expressed my unique feminine essence, the two beauties below by designer Akua Angel would definately make the list! I admit that at heart I am a Bohemian beauty –a naturalist with a bent toward the earthy, effortless, and ethnic. I’d trade in an executive suit any day for the relaxed, feminine, yet bold & elegant beauty these two gems offer.

Dress by Akua Angel

Dress by Akua Angel

Soul Dress by Akua Angel

Soul Dress by Akua Angel

What about you? What’s your fashion personality? Send me a few photos! I’m anxious to see!

2 Responses to “My Personality Expressed in a Dress…”

  1. I love those dresses, especially the yellow one. I had to go look up the designer.

    I enjoyed reading your blog, I am going to bookmark it.


  2. I love those two dresses, they’re beautiful! I completely agree, I lean towards bohemian or hippy chic when it comes to style but I’ve been known to change it up a lot because of meetings, events, etc.. 🙂 Definitely want that first dress though!

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