A Beauty Secret from A Beauty Pro…

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Kelly Laws, CEO, MakeUp On The GoKelly Laws, founder and CEO of MakeUp On The Go, a traveling beauty service in Gary, Indiana says:
Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to share a beauty secret of mine.  One of the products that I highly recommend is the Philosphy Skin Care Line.  The Purity Cleanser is very gentle and removes all–and I mean all makeup including eyeshadow and mascara without stripping your skin.
Kelly Laws closeupI also enjoy using their Microdelivery Exfoiliating Wash which gently removes the dead skin from my face.  I then follow with their Hope In a Jar moisturizer.  This miracle cream is not greasy and heavy yet works wonders on my skin.  I love the fact that it’s light with a smooth texture especially on hot and humid days. 
If you’re not sure whether you will like it, ask the counter for a sample pack to see if it will work for you.  Enjoy!!! 
If that’s where Kelly gets her glow, we’ll definately try it!
Thanks Kelly!

More Beauty Secrets from Real Women!

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Headshot of AliceAlice from Chi-town says:

I HIGHLY recommend Kukui Oil. It’s a nut native only to Hawaii and for those of us with dry, thinning skin, it puts a nice emollient on Bottle of Kukui oilthe skin. A couple of drops smoothed over the face, the elbows, knees, any part of the body, makes all of the difference in the world. And the scent is amazing – light, not overpowering. It’s very good for treating eczema.

You can order it online direct from Hawaii at Oils of Aloha. I don’t believe that it’s available stateside.


A Few Beautiful Things…

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We found this eye candy online at Pretty Afrika & Nubian Creations, a mother-daughter business duo based in Chicago, Illinois. Attorney turned jewelry designer Sandra Aya (Pretty Afrika) & her seamstress/designer mother Madam Theresa (Nubian Creations) craft these original handmade beauties fusing traditional African style with modern design elements.

The designs are pretty indeed! Check them out!

pretty afrika earrings large turquoise stone

pretty afrika earrings

Pretty Afrika earrings with red stone

Nubian Creations purse gold

Nubian Creations purse in red and gold

The Secret to Beauty…Oneness

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Dafina K with pythonI asked my stunningly beautiful & daringly adventurous cousin Dafina– who’s sporting a live python in the photo–and whose spirit and aura command attention when she enters a room, what her secret to beauty is.

In her ever so calm & goddess-like manner, she replied…

If I were to have a secret, it’s to keep clearing myself of all grudges and being truthful with me. I am continually unfolding and becoming what my soul came here for me to fulfill…oneness with all life.

I was really asking how it is she remains so radiant and vivacious at all times, how she keeps her hair and skin glowing and healthy, and her frame so fit. But the answer she offered is far more relevant.

Beauty truly begins within and is determined, I think, by the condition of our inner selves and the strength of our connection with the wholeness of life around us.

It’s so like Dafina, a holistic health practitioner & acupuncturist, to take me to the essence of the matter!

Thanks cuz!

SmellGoods ’98 Lives Up to Its Name!

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Itiel McVay, Owner SmellGoods \'98SisterSpeak Online was fortunate enough to cross paths with savvy sisterpreneur Itiel McVay, a beauty mixologist who whips up sweet soothing potions via her company SmellGoods ’98!  Itiel started SmellGoods ’98 in 1998 (hence the name) with the help of her husband and soul mate who drives the tech/media side of the business. 

But the real story is in the products that truly live up to their name! When her package arrived in our PO Box we could smell them before we tore the box open!  And to our heart’s content, the products make you feel as wonderful as they smell. Did I mention the beautiful packaging and cowrie-shell adorned containers???

The scrubs, cleansers, smoothers, and moisturizers, among a smorgasbord of other goodies, are super yummy and all handmade with great care and only natural ingredients.

Definately worth a try! A true SisterSpeak Online favorite!   

When Bleached Blond is RIGHT!

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Woman with bleach blond locsI’m not usually a fan of bleached blond hair. The chemical process of bringing black/brown hair up to this shade of ‘white’ blond (aided by natural graying I’m sure) is very hard on our hair. Then there are the fatal hair-skin tone mismatches that so many women fall victim to–sometimes unknown to them but obvious to the observer. There’s a right way to go blond if one chooses, and a very WRONG way to go blond.

BUT there are exeptions! This woman certainly got it right with the help of stylists at Hair Dare You Salon in Chicago, Illinois! She’s absolutely stunning and the hair-skin contrast works beautifully for her. You agree?

Let’s Set the Mood with Something Pretty…

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Afro Woman by Endia SummerSisters:

I came across this BEAUTIFUL painting pic created by a very talented 22-year old sister-artist Endia Summer. It’s called Afro Woman and personifies natural, confident beauty. I recall a time in college when my hair was actually this big after over 2 years of exclusively wearing braids. Just a little inspiration to get us talking beauty!  –Lisa